Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!
This was Cora's first halloween, so... of course she had to be a homegrown sack-o-spuds. You might have seen it on pinterest (I pinned it back when I was pregnant). It was a must do for our little idaho spud.

Pretty simple costume...
  • Make a few spuds- This is how you make a panty-hose spud...with eyes! So fun.

  • The body is just natural canvas that I had lying around from our wedding tablecloths.

  • Draw some brown lettering on the sack with brown sharpie (hers said- homegrown spud pacotti farms idaho est. 2012)
  • Then a brown outfit underneath
  • An adult brown headband, sewed down to size with a spud sewn to it.

Ta-da! Homegrown Spud!
She is no sack of potatoes though, I assure you. She is more like a wiggle worm- but that costume would have taken me a bit longer to make.

We thought her outfit was hilarious.... she tolerated it surprisingly well too! I guess bring on the headbands with big flowers. Little spud is down. I also had a blast making it... no wonder so many moms make halloween costumes. Totally fun first halloween!

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  1. This is so cute! You need to post more pictures of her she is too darn adorable to keep her all to yourself!!


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