Thursday, October 25, 2012

first rain...fall is here.

Oh boy, there is snow in the mountains... we have beautiful fall leaves everywhere. I love this season. I wish for endless rainy days and snowy dreamy. So perfect.

Cora experienced her first real rain last week. I thought about it, as I saw a dad clenching his babe and running indoors... I want cora to love the rain, take it in. I don't want to completely protect her from these beautiful natural elements... I want her to embrace them. Love the rain drops. Love her cold nose and the shock of frozen air in her lungs when we go outside to feed the dogs early in the morning. I want her to love seeing lightening and hearing the thunder. It's powerful and amazing. I want her to be fearless. Is that trainable? I don't know.

These mom thoughts... they engulf every "free" second of my day. At the pediatrician 6 month check they asked if Cora could pull herself to sit up on her own. I almost crapped my pants- shit, we forgot to work on something! Sitting up all by herself?! Sure she sits now unassisted, but to go from laying down to sitting- no way. Turns out there was a miscommunication and they meant pull up on our hands to get to sitting. Phew. See?! Mom thoughts. What we need to be working on next to help our little to grow and become independent... how she rocks our very new to focus on being ever so present and in the moment. I love these mom thoughts.

Matt said the other night as much as he jokes around about the life we used to have... he wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world....not even watching football with a few pints like the old just-grown-up days. Cora is awesome, our little family is sensational. Sitting on the ground, watching cora almost crawl, having ambition of her own to do a rapid full body-drag to get to her books, full of laughs and smiles. Its awesome. I think this is my favorite stage so far. Parenthood is grand.

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  1. this was delightful to read. you both are so sweet. (and brave in my opinion.) congratulations on this revelation. xo


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