Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY jogger drink holder!

I am on a crafty roll. Nap time today I made a DIY jogger drink holder! It's awesome. It's not perfect. But I love it so much I am going to try it out when little miss wakes up. I try to go for a walk with cora in our lovely Bob stroller once a day. It doesn't always happen, but I try to. I usually bring my coffee (or water if I am feeling uber healthy). I always want to place it in a cup holder for when we go up and down curbs. Ta da! DIY stroller drink holder.

I had a blast making this. I have never done the snap-thing. It was really fun, and looks great. This now opens up a whole new world of crafty things to make.

[sew can do's DIY cup cute!]

I used this tutorial from sew can do. Super easy. She made it out of laminated cotton- great idea, but I didn't have any today.
[yup, water bottle fits!]

I traced the top of my travel coffee mug that I often walk with... make two circles. Then cut out two 12"x7" rectangles. And one 10"x7" rectangle for the handle piece. Do some fancy circle-side-sewing...and place some snaps.... sew on the handle piece- done! You'll have to read her tutorial. I can't do this project justice, and she had a beautiful way of explaining it with pictures.

I made mine out of cotton... but next time I will reinforce the handle piece with an additional layer sandwiched in between. One of the snaps wants to pull out of the fabric when I go to open the snap- sucky. So I will probably have to remake it sometime.

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