Friday, October 26, 2012

six months

Oooo.... 6 months. We made it! Sure, cora is growing fantastically well. But this was a benchmark for us that I was holding onto in the early days. If we could just make it to six months. Why? I don't know. But we did it, and this time is grand just as I expected.

What you have been up to this past month...
  • sitting un assisted. This was almost spontaneous. One day- totally supported, the next BAM! sitting like a big girl, reaching toys and balancing.
  • working on crawling each day...little legs pulled up under your body, rocking back and forth ready to lounge into a crawl.
  • sleeping 11-13 hours a night. We moved your bedtime to 6:30pm... you sleep until 7:30am sometimes. Dad and I have time together, alone, in the evenings- it's great for all of us.
  • started on vegetables... sweet poatoes and carrots- a new favorite.
  • you like to drink from mom's glass. You stick your little head out and drink/ blow bubbles. Its fantastically cute.
  • you babble and talk to us and the dogs...and your toys. "bbb" seems to be the sound when you are trying to tell us something really important. We hope you're not trying to say poop. We should really stop talking about your poopies so much.
  • you love to walk places- whether its holding our hands...or in your walker.
  • You also love to do a full-body pull, an army crawl. You are rather efficient between that and rolling over and over to get where you want to go. With more independence your frsutrated fussies have diminished, just as we hoped. You're an active baby, that's for sure. Baby-proofing is coming up in the next month to prepare for your explorations.

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  1. its that alone time again magical?! its almost like you forgot what you use to do with all your idle time :) enjoy baby proofing....i will tell you she will still find things she is not supposed to have. :) such a fun stage


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