Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cora is our homegrown spud?!

[our sweet cora laughing at dad...4.5 months old]
Sometimes we get caught up in... holy cow- Cora was that little "spud" we were watching grow inside my belly?! We called her spud for 9 months- but in actuality the second she was born, she just didn't look like a spud to us. She was cora, our little human we made.

When we watched her on the ultrasound- she had a ton of hiccups all through pregnancy and still does to this day. She was always moving her little bottom around flopping from side to side in utero...and even now she is constantly eyes wide open...observant, trying to crawl, walk... anything active. We saw her little feet, with her big toe sprawled at the 20 week ultrasound... they look exactly the same!

But now, in retrospect trying to think of our little cora as the same baby in my belly just blows our minds. We had no clue what we were in for, what being parents would be like, and how much she would rock our world. Now we can hardly picture what life was like before her. Life has forever changed. Every single daily activity, thought, action, feeling- it's all new, it revolves around Cora. And we love it.

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