Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pinterest wednesday!

Well, I have had some time to pinterest-around. Little sunshine (aka cora) naps pretty well and sleeps through the night for now- which means I have some free time on my hands! I have been dreaming of what I can do with Cora when she is a big girl. Oh, I can't wait for the craft time we can share. So much fun! But for now I do the crafts for her.

So I jumped on a pinterest find.... taggy blanket. Cora loves tags on all things. They are silky, smooth...and unfortunately, I think, rather ugly. Initially I cut the tags off of all things cora-bound. I love using my seam ripper to take all of those tacky labels off of Cora's toys and clothes. Whoops. She loves them. Bad mommy. So, in lieu of her tag obsession I made a taggy blanket last night. She also loves sucking on wash cloths- like in the bath, or burp what a perfect combo- I think.

I had some left over flannel fabric from her fitted sheet project and some fleece laying around. I bought $14 worth of ribbon- what a rip off. Anyways. The ribbon is turquoise... and green... and it makes me happy. I sewed it all together- first sewing it improperly- so I re-did it....and voila! A tiny pretty taggy blanket, that happens to match her room. She likes it so far, but we shall see if it lasts.

Next on my craft-to-do list:
- artwork for Cora's plain-o room. yet to be determined, but pinterest will definitely be involved.
- fall wreath for our front door...yay... i love the holiday season!
- recruit matt to help with a "busy board" from above
- ribbon octopus to keep cora's toys from hitting the ground when we go out to eat

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  1. I love the taggy blanket and really should make one myself for when our Izzy is a bit bigger. I can't wait to see what else you make. It's inspiring for when I have some time to get crafting again, so please do keep 'em coming! :)


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