Sunday, November 4, 2012

cora the explorer.

amazing! popcorn maker!
Isn't this age a blast?! Our little cora is going wild with exploring. We didn't really mean to name her so close to the little dora explorer.... but she is now our own little cora the explorer. And she hasn't even learned how to crawl yet. Oh boy.


Cora likes to "help" while I am in the kitchen. All sorts of help with... chewing on dishes, dropping dishes, putting tiny fingerprints on dishes, and generally looking cute with dishes. I enjoy it.

This walker has been awesome. It gives her independence to go wherever she wants. She loves to just watch the dogs through the door... or play in the trash...or just stand and chew on things. This helps her with her exploring business... all over the house, 6 month old style.



  1. She is only get more curious as she learns to crawl and that is even something you can imagine! She is adorable. Oh, I made your banana muffins the boys loved them :) thanks! I love seeing new pictures of little Cora!

  2. I love the photo where you can see her reflection in the pot lid. Nice shot! xo


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