Wednesday, November 28, 2012


[christmas last year...our only 3 photos taken]
I love christmas. I have been thinking about decorating for a month now...oh, fine maybe two months. And now that thanksgiving is over...we can actually crank up the christmas tunes... hang some lights...and go cut down a tree. Finally. It seems that last year we were a little preoccupied with being pregnant, that we didn't get in true christmas spirit... or even take a family christmas photo (such a bummer). That is all about to change, starting now. Cora won't remember all of this, but we will. And it's going to be fun.

We are lucky enough to get to have Matt's family in town for Christmas #1...on the actual christmas day... then we head out to California to spend Christmas #2 with my family and friends a week later. Did you catch that?! Two christmases. Twice as long to celebrate. Fantastic. I'm so excited.

Matt will surely get tired of christmas music in about a week and his nose will be irritated from the endless christmas candles. Too bad. We are doing christmas this year 100%, no sallys here.

Yea... I just typed christmas 14 times. That's how pumped I am.


  1. I am feeling the same way over here! I think I slacked last year when I was pregnant and I have no idea why lol!

  2. Loving this post so much and the fact you typed Christmas 14 times. LOVE IT! xo


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