Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pretend food.

[all found on etsy category: play food... of course]
I have to say... play food has become incredible little pieces of art. Oh. my. gosh. I remember back in the day my sister and I used to make play food. That consisted of green paper punches to simulate peas... yellow circle on white splotches for eggs... you know. I thought that was creative, but gosh...look at these beauties! Sure our mom used to make us fun little clay foods...and tiny tea party cakes that were beautiful... and she was even awesome enough to make us a pretend turd for our baby doll diapers- talk about a cool mom! We also had the pretend plastic food- that was fun too, but rather limited 25 years ago in comparison to what Cora will have available.

...pretend food?!
Now I am dreaming up making play food for little Cora. She doesn't even know what lies ahead for her little childhood that I am scheming. I have to make it durable and realistic. I can check pretend potatoes off the list- I know how to make those now! Anyways, I can't wait. And I just hope Matt and I will whip up a pretend kitchen too for her. so. much. fun.

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