Monday, November 26, 2012

mesh chewy thing.

Oh boy, this is our favorite item right now... both for cora and us. If you don't know what it is and you think your kid is one! It's awesome. We put ice cubes in it at first, then bananas...and now we put oranges, apples, and teething cookies in it too. It's perfect. She can gnaw on it but we don't have to worry about little chunks breaking off an choking her. When she is cruising around the house in her walker I just have to hold up the mesh chewy thing and she comes running. Literally. Running. So fun.

Want to know our other favorite chew toy?! This glorified dog toy for babies... that is ridiculously priced at $20. Sophie the Giraffe. A sweet little toy from the 1960's made in France. I saw it all over mom blogs, this adorable all natural rubber giraffe. I guess I had to have one, even if it was over-priced. Cora loves it. No wonder so many moms splurge on it. The little ears, legs, horns... perfect for little mouths. We call her's "Chewy." Now, Chewy (Chewbacca) was our dog that passed in February...and sadly couldn't meet Cora. We think there is some resemblance. He was a mighty fine dog, the best dog anyone could ask for. So now it makes us happy to ask her where Chewy is...and then she smiles... and puts him in her mouth for a good chew.
see the resemblance?!
mesmerized by the carseat chewy, where he lives.

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