Thursday, November 22, 2012

seven months

Whoa. Seven months. We try to cherish everyday... kiss her little head as much as she will entertain, we squeeze her, hold her, tickle her toes, have her climb all over us... we can't get enough of our little sweets. Matt and I just look at her growing more and more independent everyday and smile... huge... proud ...oh my gosh we are parents... type of smiles. She is phenomenal. If babies came out at 6 months old... and stayed that age... we'd have a slew of them.

What you've been up to this past month, little cora elm...
  • pulling yourself from knees to standing...all by yourself and couch-walking!
  • crawling for reals this time- no army crawl, the real deal...belly off the ground
  • still no teeth. we've thought you were "teething" for the past 4 months, even now as we type this... we think you must be teething. silly really
  • you eat fruits- bananas, oranges, apples...all in your mesh chewy thing
  • your favorite food is sweet potatoes mixed with banana oatmeal. yum. you eat two meals a day and then bottles of formula too
  • you can sit up all by yourself in the bathtub (well our hands are there just in case) and you chew on your bath-friends and wash cloths
  • you sleep about 13 hours at night (6:30pm-7:30am) we are so thankful... and try not to take it for granted. naps can be another story, however
  • you laugh all the time, you are a very happy baby
  • you are constantly active, no chill baby here
  • you love to walk in your walker, walk holding our hands, crawl, roll, sit, grab at all things possible, chew all things
  • you love the dogs, they love you
  • you can use "tools" like hammers to get your balls through a hole, pass objects from hand to hand. you've got skills
  • you still love to hear dad playing guitar or ukulele (that he bought and learned to play just for you) you strum's very sweet
  • you talk to us all day long... babbles, sweet tones and strings of pretend sentences. You like "bbb" the best...or is it "ppp"... we don't know. I wish we knew what you were thinking
  • you had some more firsts... crinkly fall leaves, snow in your fingers... a snow ball chucked at you (thanks dad), and aquarium visit- puffer fish was your favorite, besides staring at people and the bolts on the fish tanks

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  1. Wow, 7 months already?! She's adorable and sounds like she is really smart and strong too. Our little one is just coming up on two months so it's fun to read what Cora is doing and what we have to look forward to. :)


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