Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer heat & 22 weeks

uh huh. Being pregnant in a super record-breaking hot summer is HOT. And near unbearable. I think we made it past the 108's.... now on to lower temps Idaho. seriously. I had it easy last time... pregnant sept-april, not bad, just a lot of cozy clothes. But now... it's shorts that have a fully belly panel- what an awful summer contraption and tank tops that I wish could be airy-er, however they are suffocating my growing body. My wedding ring fitting? Hilarious, I took those 3 rings off weeks ago...now I'm down to one thin band. I now nap when cora naps out of pure exhaustion, and our move is getting tricky... matt will inevitably have to do the majority. I am excited to have a baby in the fall though, by the time tater tot is 6 months old and ready to hold his head up high and have sunscreen on him it will be summer again. Yay!!

Anyways, 22 weeks pregnant and growing. It's fun knowing tot is a "he"...lots of nursery planning, trying to picture him running around with cora playing, how on earth to manage two babes under 2. So many thoughts, with so little time flying right by. It's July, crazy right? This will be my last bump picture in our current house... new scenery for weeks 24 on! Woo hoo! If you haven't caught on, I am doing pictures every 2 weeks. I just can barely keep up with it this often. Silly really, my excuses.

Eeeshh... all of the "he's" and "him's." Crazy. It really is going to be a boy? Anyways. Still sinking in. Wish us luck this week moving in the heat. Soon will be time to decorate a tiny boy nursery. And more blogging, and settling in. So. Fun.


  1. How fun! I was only pregnant for 2 weeks in June, but it was pretty unbearable... I can't imagine dealing with this triple digit misery! On the bright side, Old Navy has some pretty great maternity tank tops that are soooo comfy... you should check them out :)

  2. Good luck with the move. I wish we were closer to help you...and you look great! xo


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