Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's a... gender reveal card

So we came up with this idea on our own... I know, no pinterest inspiration. CRAZY. We are super excited with how they turned out, so I want to share it with you. Most of our family lives outside of our state. So we couldn't have a gender reveal party, just like last time. We decided to make a fun card to share the suspense, because last year it was a hoot.

Last time we made scratch-off cards to share the news, super fun. I don't know that we topped that idea, but at least it was a blast to do.

We had to do a little prep work, because as soon as we found out our tater tot's gender...we had to move fast. We were vague to our family/friends about when the ultrasound was to buy us a little time to get the cards in the mail.

We chose tie dye...because we love it. A kid in a tie dye? Adorable. Grown-ups in the same exact tie dye outfit? Hilarious. We chose to do a family tie-dye event for our Tour de Fat costumes last year- so fun. This Christmas I think we are doing a tie-dye Christmas for Christmas morning. Cheesy. I love it.

Prep work:
so sad, pink tie dye shirts. so long.

- make tie dye clothing- a set of pink and blue for matt, cora, and I. This is easy. A bunch of cheap white shirts from Old Navy, and a tie dye kit from Jo-Anns.
- make a pom pom garland in blue and pink. Fun excuse to make crafts.

make your own washi tape... cut pieces of fun paper into strips

apply removable tape adhesive- done!

- Make colorful DIY washi tape. I chose to make our own washi tape, because real washi tape is see-through, which doesn't look so hot on black envelopes. I wanted a bright strip of rainbow paper as the first color seen in the card.
- pre-assemble cards. I bought 30 sheets of grey 8 1/2"x 11" paper, then cut them down to be 5"x7" cards.
- I chose to cut down normal end-opening 4 1/2" x 9" envelopes to fit a 4x6 photo. Then just sewed up the ends to close them off. Then used permanent spray adhesive to attach the fronts of the envelopes to the card.
- do the photo layout on photoshop elements- " its a..." So that I could just throw the photo in after taking it Monday afternoon- make a black and white photo version and then the "little sister/brother" versions for the color photo.
- pre-address the envelopes and stamp them.

Day of the Ultrasound:
- go to the appointment. YAY!! Hold in the excitement and resist urge to call EVERYONE.

outtakes. many of them.
- go home, take a photo on a quilt in our backyard with the appropriately colored clothing/pom poms.
- at night, upload photos and edit in elements with text and color/black and white.
- upload 4x6 photos to 1 hour photo at Costco.

Next Day:
- pick up photos from Costco

- assemble cards, gluing, stuffing.


- admire and get excited that the secret is almost out.
- send off in the mail!

Then just wait for some phone calls...

Oh yea...and a little boy?! Eeeesh!!! CRAZY. We expected a little sister for Cora. I think we have about 20 weeks to let it sink in. Right now our minds are blown.


  1. i thought so!!! Boys are amazing!! you are going to love having a little boy. you are so lucky you get one of each!! cant wait to find out his name. we found boy names a bit harder to agree upon then girl names, good luck :)

  2. You made your own tape?!?!? Holy toledo! And again, we LOVE this. xo

  3. Congratulations!

    You are so creative. We used your scratch off idea when announcing the sex of our little girl and I loved seeing what you did this time around. We aren't quite there yet, but will have to keep this kind of idea in mind for the next go-round. More than anything I'm impressed you pulled this all off while taking care of number 1. It gives me hope! :)


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