Sunday, June 16, 2013


Floor/counter top shopping...this place was like a playground to her.

I love moving. When I tell people this, they think I am being sarcastic. But I really do. I love it. I love cleaning house, starting over fresh, getting organized....and decorating. A clean slate. So we are in the middle of moving, and it's exciting even being pregnant and having a 14 month-er. I get to design a boy/girl nursery and vamp-up Cora's turquoise room decor. I am so excited. So excited I haven't even had time to blog post.

My pinterest pins have been sky-rocketing...and lots of list writing. Until I have something else huge to plan my sister's wedding (oh my gosh, that will be get engaged already kel) or I guess the arrival of tater tot. I am in the moving-mode. So I will return with blog posts... like camping with a toddler, 20 weeks pregnant- next week, gender reveal after that. Oh my. Big things are happening in the next few weeks.

Projects to tackle (with matt's uber helpful parents):
  • painting Cora's room dark grey, with her turquoise accents
  • painting the baby room: (I promised matt no more turquoise) either yellow or greens with light grey walls
  • decorating the baby room
  • painting our bedroom.... um grey. Sense a theme?!
  • new flooring, to include the dinning room- so that we don't have two kiddos eating over a carpeted area.
  • new vanities in the bathrooms
  • plants outside (aka remove the rose bushes)
  • de-wallpapering the bathrooms
  • matt to build a new bookshelf in the living room
  • two dutch/half doors- one at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom.
  • design a kid's playroom/loft
  • new lighting throughout
Yup. That should do it. See you all soon.

(oh yea, happy fathers day!!)


  1. Did you guys buy a house? Congrats!! You are my hero, I think moving is so stressful. I was so worried about the boys settling in... Good luck and enjoy! It is nice to start a new :)

  2. Somehow I totally missed this post! Congrats on the move :) I can't wait to see all those projects on the blog!


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