Wednesday, June 19, 2013

week 20

Hi y'all. So we have a little something in the works this week... So I'm keeping you in the dark or rather black and white for a few days. Stay tuned my friends, a gender reveal is coming.

And week 20 has been awesome!! Little bit more kicking, pretty fatigued by the summer heat and moving houses. But it has been amazing. 1/2 way completed already? Time flies too fast.

We had our 20 week ultrasound, and our little tater tot is healthy and vibrant. I was actually expecting a ..."oh... looks like your baby isn't quite developed, better luck next time" because the kicks are a little less frequent than I remember with Cora. Well, good explanation- tater tot's placenta is on the outer wall, closest to my belly button. So the kicks are just muffled, and attacking my organs at this point. Once tater tot gets bigger I should be able to feel them regardless. But, phew! Healthy baby...



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