Friday, July 26, 2013

15 months.

I stopped doing monthly photos of cora at 1 year...and I miss it. To be honest, I couldn't pull it off, I am sure, even if I wanted. She doesn't sit still, ever... and I don't have the time somehow. But we do have a 15 month old in our house now, and she is fantastic. She's my favorite 15 monther I know.
  • she loves the mirror, I'm not sure if she thinks its her only little friend...or it's herself. But it makes her giddy.
  • she is on the verge of some new words. but otherwise enjoys just babbling, which we know exactly what she is trying to say anyways. Perhaps we should play dumb and that would motivate her to talk more clearly.
  • her talking may be slow to advance... but she makes up for it in agility. this girl can get up and down off of chairs, balance on one leg...all while holding her favorite lion, donkey, and toothbrush and making funny faces at us.
  • sleep is about the same, even with the move to a new house. 12-13 hours at night.... 7pm-8am. And one 2-3 hour nap midday. Not bad little spud.
  • she eats well, but the next day she may not like the same food she devoured the day before. go figure.
  • she's tall, and skinny still. she feels like a big girl to us. she has 5 teeth... three on bottom, two on top. Sweet curly blonde hair and big blue eyes.
  • super busy, working all of the time. she is pretty self sufficient with playing. she doesn't need a lot of entertaining- but we like to intervene and join her. I think she may need playmates...we are working on it, 16 weeks to go.
  • she likes to dance to music... primarily dub step, rap, something with a beat...its weird and adorable to see a head bopping in the car seat with lion dancing in her lap too.
  • she waves to other kids in the store, and shares her most precious toys with kids. I think its because she doesn't play with other kids, so she doesn't know sometimes kids don't share. we share all the time with her, her reality is skewed. it's sweet.
  • she's a very happy kid, only throwing a tantrum here and there if we don't give her our iphone to look at duck pictures.
  • oh, these bullet points of love could go on for days. we love her to pieces. we can't believe she came from that tricky baby over a year ago. she is fantastic. she's our precious little daughter we can't imagine life without.

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  1. She is ADORABLE!!! Little mommy mini me!!


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