Friday, July 19, 2013

week 24

Well, 24 weeks... just barely squeezed in this weekly photo. And I really did it up this time for you... boxer shorts and all. Pregnancy is just chugging along. Uneventful which is great. But I also have a handful of newly pregnant women around me that are pregnant for the first time. I am a little envious. It is so incredibly exciting to feel pregnancy for the first time. All of the excitement, all of the unknowns, being able to do baby planning without actually knowing what a baby will bring to your life. It's thrilling, and scary...and nerve wrecking too I suppose. I was definitely more stressed the first time, this time literally no stress to be conjured up what so ever. Anyways, the first time ever feeling kicks, hearing a heartbeat, a growing belly. It's beyond incredible. And it just feels different the second time around. Now my attention is from oh wow... little tot is kicking! to... oh my goodness cora is able to stand on a chair! It blows my mind that we get to do this again... to see a little tiny human grow into an independent person. Amazing.

Pregnancy symptoms...
  • no real cravings, just cereal all the time. I guess more salty cravings than sweet. I felt like I needed an apple fritter....ummm...well, daily with cora. Now, I can pass it up.
  • last time I got pregnant I chopped off my hair to a bob, this time I felt like I had to dye it dark. so silly. perhaps making decisions hopped up on hormones is not the best idea.
  • no round ligament pain, or any pains. Just an occasion pubic symphysis pain if I don't sleep correctly propped with pillows.
  • so tired, even this second trimester. I blame it on the summer heat chasing a 15 month old. I don't even attempt to go outside if it's over 90 degrees. It will be unsuccessful.
  • i'm emotionally unstable. Sorry matt, things will change after child birth, and after breast feeding is over. we have a ways to go. It's worth it, I promise.

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  1. I love your new hair colour! I was just thinking about how different my new [ god willing } pregnancy will be and how different the newborn be stage will be as well...How quickly things change!


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