Wednesday, July 24, 2013

first date night as parents.

Soo.... Matt and I just had our first date night since Cora has been born, that's 15 months. We tucked cora into bed and had the grandparents come and hang out at our house. We were able to go out to an authentically fantastic Mexican restaurant- El Gallo Giro in Kuna-we had been dreaming of going to since we moved to Idaho. A relaxing 20 minute drive through farm country... a sunset... and oh my, just conversation without the stresses of a fidgety kid was wonderful. And Mexican food. AMAZING. We can't wait to go back, we've found our favorite spot, finally.

It took us so long to get on this whole date night concept because every night we have alone time from about 7pm on... so it didn't feel necessary. But it was nice, and indulgent... like the old days, whatever those used to be like. Our pediatrician actually suggested we go on a date before baby #2 comes... hmm, is life about to get even crazier?!

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  1. good for you!! date nights are a must, but so easily over looked. you should take a babymoon and do an over night. I know the thought of that may not sound all that great. I love tucking my boys into bed, but again it is a must. Adult conversation, good food, eating and staying out late and something I have almost forgotten how to do...sleeping in!! it totally helps you recharge and i feel love being a mom even more when you get home and they are so excited to see you!! we have never left the boys with anyone for more then a night, but with grandparents that are amazing we feel safe sneaking away from time to time :)


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