Sunday, July 28, 2013

paint edger.

cora thinking I am silly for painting her room without a paint edger, I am sure

Can I just share with you the most amazing tool ever, and it's $3?! I am sure we are the last ones to know about this, but...

Shur-Line Paint Edger
We just moved into our new house with lots of painting to be done. Well we taped the hell out of every room, cut in the edges- literally hours and hours and we didn't even paint the whole house. We only painted 3 rooms. Ridiculous. This edger could have saved us hours, literally. And this edger was fun. I whipped out a grey accent wall in 20 minutes thanks to this thing. And it looks flawless. The only mess up I have is when I took out a tiny brush to touch up a corner. Bad idea. No more blue tape, no more brushes. This thing is fantastic, and plastic, and red (my favorites). It even has tiny rollers to run along the ceiling or baseboards, or corners. I am sure you all already know this.

had to take a picture, 1/2 way into project because I was laughing.... too easy, too fun.
so many hours lost.
Done! 15 minutes later. I have never finished a project so efficiently.

This is our entry way- now with a grey accent wall to house a fun white/wood mirror and a rustic floating shelf matt is making me from pipes and wood. The shelf will hold our keys, sunglasses, work badges... the important always lost items in the morning times.

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