Saturday, May 25, 2013

week 16

I have been really draggin' my feet on this one. Sorry tater tot. Weekly bump pictures. Uggh. I just feel so much bigger (ie. fatter) this time around. I am "showing earlier" but it's really just fat, or lack of stomach muscle to hold in my organs. But alas, I know that I want to do weekly pictures. So I just need to do them, and get over it. I will be thankful. And if tater tot turns out to be a girl... and her sister (Cora) had tons of weekly mom-pregnancy photos, and tater tot has none... I'd feel awful.

So here it is, just now starting at week 16. I posted my update on the first trimester weeks 1-12 [here]. But the end of week 13 was scary for us. I started to bleed and have cramping. We were sad, and scared just not knowing if this was the start of a miscarriage. I don't like not knowing things. Health is an uncertain, scary thing I think. So I called the OB office and an on-call nurse told me that I was either miscarrying or the bleeding is totally normal. That I couldn't be rushed in there to have an ultrasound to check... because who knows, maybe we find a heart beat, then 3 hours later the baby doesn't have a heartbeat. False hope really. I get it. It sucked though. And I just wanted to know. But time would tell. Turns out it stopped. Yay!!

We had our 14 week appointment with our midwife and confirmed a heartbeat!!! Little tater tot is still here. Weeks 14-15, uneventful...which was nice. I find myself trying to focus more on Cora and less on the pregnancy. To take in our little family of 3, for it won't be long until it's 4. So I am trying to be intentionally present. Present in the here and now. It's wonderful.

...but why not look to the past too? ...for shits and giggles?
oh yea. things look a little different. a little aged, a little bigger. oh, parenthood.


  1. You look lovely! I am so glad things are going better after your scare, make sure you are resting, as much as you can with little lady of course!

  2. who are you look fabulous! you just have that natural mother look this time around...more relaxed, experienced and calm :) I love that I can experience someone else being pregnant a second time around because we are pretty sure we are done with our little men :) when do you find out what you are having? I say boy :) they are truly so much fun and i think a mommy's greatest joy!! glad things are going well after your little scare.

    1. thanks erin! yes, i see my picture and i think i look like a mom....before just an excited prego 20-something. we are finding out last week in june...we can't wait, but i already "know" its a boy. can't wait to share the news!


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