Wednesday, May 29, 2013

nap time.

Nap time dilemma.

What do you moms do? We have only one nap time daily with Cora. Its usually about 2 hours long. I struggle with what to do-

Should I...
a. shower and do my hair
b. take a nap too (pregnancy talking here)
c. run some errands
d. clean the house
e. do craft projects/blog
f. relax and talk with my husband
g. catch up on phone calls to friends/family
e. try to cram in all the above, then wonder why it didn't work out.

Two nap times I suppose would be more productive. But she hasn't ever gone for it. One nap and an early bedtime, that's what we have to work with...and a usually happy babe/toddler. Any suggestions? Brilliant time saving tips/ life simplifiers?


  1. i have no advice. but those pictures are priceless!

  2. sleep. NOTHING is more glorious than being well rested. (That comes from a woman who only chose sleep a few my house is usually what ended up winning in my world...but i'm not sure it should have.)

    1. haha. sleep. i know when tater tot gets here and i feel what sleep deprivation is like again, i'll wish i took your advice. its so easy to forget.

  3. We all have this dilemma! I whatever will make you the happiest in that moment. Some days, that will be showering, others it will be chatting on the phone. It will almost never make me happiest to try to accomplish them all--then I just feel like I failed at a lot of things instead of succeeding at one. If I were you, I'd move "B" to the top of the list!

    You're looking amazing, by the way. Pregnancy is good to you!


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