Wednesday, May 1, 2013

baby names, round 2.

where's cora?

We have been debating on the list of baby names for awhile now. Matt and I don't really agree just yet. It's tricky, you know. So as we come up with potentials, I write them let them marinate a while, diffuse some emotion, some biases...then we throw them in here and there in conversation. Oh wow, Douglas sure is grumpy today. Cora and Della let's go swimming!!! Eunice!!!

Here you can choose the decade to search through the top 100 names for the year based on the social security card database. I personally like the old fashioned names... so searches like 1900's make me happy.

Did you guys see portlandia's skit on the 1890's. Ok Hilarious.

Anyways... Cora happens to be #70 in 1900, super fun. Perhaps her tiny sibling will have an old soul name as well. Our strategy- this time, we aren't going to tell anyone our name choices. We are so wishy-washy this time around, I really don't want to be swayed by people's opinions. We will find out the babe's gender in June-ish, then we can start narrowing down our options. Do we use potentials that we had for Cora? It just feels wrong, like they were meant for our first babe. Do we come up with an earthy middle name, like Cora has Elm? Unlike now, we knew immediately without question our spud would be a Cora. Now tater tot deserves a whole fresh list of names. This is a toughie. But uber fun. We have about seven months to figure it out.

Do you all have some favorite old fashioned names? Please do share!!


  1. Oh man, I love the old soul names. I can't wait to hear what you choose. How about Iris or Amos? :)

  2. Emmitt was on our top three. I got final say...:) I think boys names are harder then girls. For girls we liked Olivia and Hannah. I also love Haddly and adilynn. We like the older names too! Good luck, can't wait to hear what you pick!

    1. Really cute names! Girl names just sound cute, boys names are tricky! You have to choose names that work for little boys but can also be strong manly names.

    2. yes, and we are the people that didn't want names in the top 100. we did grandfathers names as middle names and would have done great grandmothers names for girls middle names.


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