Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cora's 1st Birthday Party

We had a wonderful first birthday party for Cora. Now, we spent a lot of time planning this party...a bunch of family came into town to celebrate... but this weekend may have been one of cora's least favorite. Separation anxiety?! Yeah, probably too many people with all of the focus on her... the only kid. Oh well, we loved it, our family loved it... and she liked most of it.

oh yea... her friends were invited too.

The theme of Cora's party was polka dot and turquoise. She had a beautiful dress sewn by her turquoise polka dots of course.

We had little round sliders, funfetti cake ball pops, little round cora-cake, melon ball salad, round pasta salad, veggie cups, bowls of skittles and m&ms and of course the super tasty crunchy coleslaw.
We had her monthly photos printed out, and strung on some ribbon on the wall... 1 month-12 months. What a trip.

For Cora's birthday present from us, we made her a busy board. I will post more on that later. But we installed it on our living room wall, for the big reveal at her party. It was a hit. So fun. See her beautiful dress?!

She liked the candle on her cake, I blew it out for her. I was worried that she would freak out with the birthday song... but she did great. And ate her cake, quite daintily.

She had glorious presents from our family and friends... she opened them up really well too! I was so proud of her... so much better than at Christmas when she was 8 months old.

 a little croquet, a little sports toss
 a little drinking...minus 2 of us.
the running shot. from grandpa p.

We finished off the party with some croquet. Cora's first birthday complete. Our little girl is growing up. It was a blast to plan her party, and it was a success! Thank you family and friends for helping us pull off her first birthday party, ever!


  1. I so want to make a busy board for the boys!!! Can't wait to see how you did it :)

  2. I love the colors you chose, as much as I love pink it's sometimes too girly- the colors you chose were wonderful.
    Nice little touches as well.

    When are you going to blog about your upcoming nursery ideas?! For baby #2!

  3. Lots of blessing to little Cora! She’s looking adorable. The decorations are awesome; I really like the color selection. Very calm! We’re planning our son’s seventh birthday in one of the LA venues and I was just looking of some ideas for the decorations.


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