Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 years!

our wednesday morning.
nothing flashy. the house is a mess. cora is all over the place. we are working on projects.
absolutely perfect.

But, oh... it's 5 years today. Matt and I are reminiscing on 5 years of being together.
Oh, how life does change.
Every year we go out to sushi- because that was our first date where we fell for each other. Back in Colorado...we hadn't a clue that all of this would happen- here in idaho with a kid and a blissful life in five lightning fast years. Last year I was pregnant and had cooked rolls... this year we will order sushi in, because of tiny babe's early sleep schedule. But who are we kidding, we couldn't take her out to a restaurant anyways right now...craaazy.

So, happy 5 years matt...the best 5 years I could have ever dreamed of.


  1. 5 years ! That is wonderful :) We are coming up our 10th gulp lol!

  2. We just had our 9th!! Time does fly. Congrats :)

    1. Thanks Erin! Yes, time does fly. amazing!


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