Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ten months

Oh, so I suppose I should post about cora turning 10 months, before March is here. I was hoping to get a less-grumpy photo shoot, even with the stitches...then potential-teething grumpies happened, then she busted her little head open again. So here she is. 10 months old. Glorious.

You are turning into a little girl more and more everyday. We love your little tooth-less smile and wiggly body. We think you are so smart with your explorations, but I suppose we are a little biased as any good parents are.

What you've been up to this past month...
  • You can walk!! All by yourself!! We are so proud of you and your little toddle. You even amaze yourself, sometimes you look down at your feet while you are walking surprised I bet at what they are capable of.
  • You had your first ER visit, and 2 stitches. That's what we get for a walker at 9 months. It was so sad, but your little forehead is healing.
  • Oh my, you have some great first words- dada and up. You usually say "dadadada," just when you're working on something, or excited. No mama- but I'm working with you on it. "Up" is pretty clear.
  • You're getting a touch more cuddly... putting your head on our shoulders. I think you're just messing with us, pretending. But we love it. Otherwise you're active as can be.
  • You are trying new foods all the time. You like to eat whatever I am eating, and now I think you expect to have a bite. Raspberries, waffles, pulled pork, edamame, muffins, hot dogs, pasta, cucumbers, tofu, toast. It's an utter mess when you eat, but you're learning. You are intently working on spoon and fork-work, those things are tricky. We did a trial run of chocolate, I had to make sure it was a winner for your birthday cake- you approve.
  • We had to put cabinet locks and child-proof everything. You love to close any open door, look under the couch for straggler toys...and get into everything possible.
  • We love you fiercely little one.

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