Saturday, February 16, 2013

cora vs. the bookshelf

the bookshelf won.
please forehead... please, please don't scar.
Our valentine's day... (cora's first valentines day) started off with a visit to the emergency room. I had kind of wondered what her first set of stitches would be like... how old would she be... how would we handle it. Well, wonder no more.

Cora started walking a few weeks ago, it was only really steps between matt and I. And a few days ago she started to get brave and walk to things. This particular morning she walked from our arms... to the bookshelf, and as I was prepared to congratulate her and yell hooray! We heard a loud thud instead. Shit. Blood was streaming down her face... I did the good ol' mom-swoop... and picked her up. We attempted to ice her, and stop the bleeding from this massive (ok, relatively massive) gaping hole on her sweet little forehead/nose.
waiting for the numbing gel to kick in... having no idea we had barely even started
We went into the ER, she had two stitches... dissolvable ones, thank goodness. She was a trooper. I felt like balling, but she did great. Matt did great too- no freak outs, just calm, cool, and collected. I actually was telling matt how she never ever lays her head on my shoulder... she never slows down enough to cuddle. Well, she finally did. Sad little Cora needed to rest her wounded head on my shoulder. It was sweet.

tiny sweets after the stitches

We know this won't be the last visit to the ER, but we survived this one. Now we have a sad little forehead, that only we can see, to reminisce over and over about...and a cora-room minus a bookshelf.
eeesh. my heart hurts.

And no, it didn't slow her down a bit. Up and walking again as soon as she got home. No fears this little one.



  1. We have had to take Wyatt to the ER twice now for breathing treatments when he gets stiches yet :/ I hopes he heals fast. Put bio oil on it, that stuff is awesome!!! We have used it on the boys it totally helps healing and scaring. I can't believe she is already walking!!! Oh and I use to feel bad too because the boys never slowed down or wanted to snuggle. As they have gotten older that has changed and they love to snuggle now. Feel better Cora!

  2. Thank you, yes breathing treatments would be scary. I stay away from any patients who have RSV- its just not worth it to me. Breathing problems scare me. I hope she does cuddle soon- thats encouraging to hear!

  3. Don't worry if there is a scar. I fell on my high-chair, like I was walking down the hallway, tripped, and fell on one of the legs, and I have a tiny scar on my right cheek. I ended up having to get stitched in my doctor's office, and was small enough that my mom held my feet with one hand and my arms over my head with the other. I am sure it is traumatic for a parent to go through, but I can tell...Cora is tough and the scar will give her character. xo

    1. oh my goodness, that would be scary. i guess cora has a little forehead character. thanks kristen!


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