Wednesday, February 6, 2013

thrift store challenge.

So this is new to me... "linking up" I guess all of the cool blogger kids know whats going on, but I am just learning. So I thought it would be fun to join in on this link party...over on young house love. They had a thrift store challenge to spend $20 and see what kind of treasures you can find.

Well. Let me tell you... it was a tad ghetto in my thrift store. I did not find any cute vintage stuff... there are plenty of antique stores for cool finds. However... we did have a cora-themed thrift store challenge. And we rocked it... for $14.78. Yay!

These were the rules...

1. take a $20 from your pocket and go to a thrift store. Done! Thanks Cora! This was officially her first $20 she has ever touched and spent. What a good girl. Now, wash your hands.

2. Find an object from this thrift store music video. Pretty funny rap video. We found a big ass jacket... well big for cora. And with polka dots, my new kid favorite. She was not amused...and only wanted to chew on the sleeve. yuk. bath time?!

3. Marvel over your treasures. We found a boise state shirt that I will be cutting up to make a dress for Cora next football season ($2). We cleaned out their collection of zoobooks!! ($0.30 each). A toy to help cora twist and turn and push...finger dexterity....fine motor movements with the aid of a big colorful flashy plastic toy ($2). And a xylophone that you press keys to make noise, because our pretty wood one with a mallet she just can't quite figure out how to make it work yet ($4).
** update: this xylophone is vintage!! Its from 1985! Thats vintage right? When I was like... 2, this baby was made, and now could sell on ebay for $6. What a steal**

And this sweet vintage desk/vanity was $19! totally perfect to refinish, but alas. I don't need any more desks.

ooo... zoobooks!!

Super fun. Thanks Young House Love! Now, I too, know how to link up (I think).  And check out all of the other links, people found some cool things! And that wood dolly bassinet?! Awesome. No such luck in Boise.

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