Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh, 2013...

This is how we feel about life right now... couldn't be better. What's not to like? We are busy, loving the holidays... and taking full advantage of this sweet little person and her happy little world of childhood.
Hope you're all having some fantastic holidays and enjoying this new year. I will be back once the naptimes have less to-dos, and more for-funs.


  1. she is just the cutest!!! Happy 2013! p.s. did you get my email inviting you to be a private member of my blog!? I am still learning and have no idea if it worked

  2. lindsey- cora is gorgeous! and so happy looking :) Happy new year to you guys in idaho! we are hoping to get back to idaho in march- fingers crossed that Pat's boss let's us borrow his house again :)


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