Thursday, January 24, 2013


the stare-down. cora won.

Matt and I like to joke around about what our life used to be like. I have no idea what I did with all of my "free time"... I know, we were both in school and working... back then I felt as though we had no free time...and had little sleep...and had stress...and responsibilities. But come on, that's hilarious. We were kid free. If only we knew.

What would we have done differently? Oh, nothing. We planned on getting pregnant, it took us a year to do so. We wanted a baby more than anything and we thought we were ready. Laughable. Again. We hadn't a clue. We are happier than we have ever been, nothing in this world makes us smile so big or feel so much joy. It's cliche....vomit all you like, but it's true for us. But we still like to laugh/cry about the old days. The old days that we can hardly even remember.

Matt said the other day if we were to tell some kid-free friends about what it's like to have a would go like this...

"Oh, do you like ...relaxing?" Oh, yeah... so... say goodbye to relaxing. There is no relaxing in parenthood. Always physically on the go chasing a little someone, and if not chasing then mentally exhausting chasing down all of your responsibilities over having a tiny life rely solely on you and your actions.

"And umm... do you care for sitting and watching a full TV show at any volume you choose?" Ha. Goodbye fancy sound system. See you in 15 years.

"How about....sleeping in?" Never again. When we sleep past 7:30am... we are lying there like...Fuck. Is she okay?! Do you think something happened? Should we go check on her? Maybe we let her sleep? Is she teething?... the never ending question on our minds.

Too funny.

*side note: we do you love you little cora... much much more than our pre-cora days. we will gladly add another little spud... or tater tot, however we still cringe when we see pictures from the first month of your life. Those days were trying, and we all made it. We will know what to expect for the next little member of our family, when we expect to be expecting*


  1. I could take this post and put it up on my blog! It's amazing isn't it, I have no idea what I did before...and that first month..oy...yes I also cringe. I try to deny it but man oh man the beginning was rough wasn't it?!

    1. ha...yes! i want to tell new moms that its hard.... but instead i just hope that they get an easy babe that sleeps and is happy. maybe the next one for us?

  2. I love this post! So, so true...what the heck did we do before babes? It makes me giggle at all the times we were "too busy" to mow the grass or travel to the in-laws. Really, too busy doing what!?! I wouldn't trade my crew for the world, but I have a whole new appreciation for what "busy" really means. You're doing great momma!


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