Thursday, January 31, 2013

Car seats! Help!!

Cora: 2 weeks old & 9 months old...craaaazy.
So it's that time again that we need to start researching car seats...and I need your help!!

We have an infant carseat, that is great (chicco keyfit 30). We can use this gender neutral infant seat for the next babe. But little sweets is now 20lbs, and her little feet are touching the back seat. So I think we can start working towards a convertible seat? maybe a forward facing seat in the future? We have a truck and a jetta wagon. Neither of which have a ton of room in the back seat, but it's doable. For the infant seat we can only place it in the middle, with the passenger seat moved forward a bit. We are tall, so it's a little unfortunate. I should have bought the passat wagon umm 8 years ago....when I was a college student, not thinking about kids. But oh well.

I am mainly concerned about having a carseat that works well in the back of our Tundra -an upgraded truck we bought for kiddos instead of our Tacoma...yay!! suicide doors! fullseats! camping in the bed of the truck. ok. I'm excited. But more importantly I want our car seats we buy to work well. They aren't cheap either. So they must fit and be comfortable.

So any suggestions out there? What do you like? dislike? Do you happen to put yours in the back seat of a truck? Any input is super helpful!!

**update...we bought 2 of the safety first- alpha omega carseats at Costco, one for each vehicle. We love them. Affordable ($89 each) and Cora likes how upright they are. Win win.**


  1. Graco is the best carseats out there.

  2. We plan to rear face until 2! It's the law, I think, until 1 and/or 20lbs....but now it's recommended to go until 2 because rear just provides more protection. I worried about her feet touching the seat as well (97% for height at 8months!) but I think it's still safer to rear face for overall body protection???

    Now, as far as carseat....
    We got the First Years True Fit (link below). It is super comfy and our girl loves it, plus it is easy to remove the cover to clean!! We used it from birth since it reclines back for infants, now we have it less reclined but still facing backwards. It also can be forward facing later and has a headrest piece that adds extra height allowing it to last longer (65lbs and 52"!). Most kids reach the height requirement of 1" below the top of the seat before the weight.{keyword}

    If you want to compare different types my pediatrician shared this page with me that shows all the current car seats and their height/weight limits for rear or forward facing, as well as other info like seat weight, harness height (apparently important for kids with longer torsos but shorter legs), etc etc. It was too much info for me, but I did like the "other Information" column since it has general comments.

  3. We have a Britax Blvd and a MaxiCosi Pria70. The MaxiCosi doesn't have as much of a recline to it, so it fits better in slimmer spaces. Plus it is very cushy, I'd like to sit in it! The Blvd has really high safety ratings (well, so does the Pria70), and is really popular. We love both. One recommendation I got which I think made a lot of sense was to do the research and buy the safest one (usually more expensive) you can afford, because it is what keeps your child safe, for years. An important purchase!

  4. I wrote my comment yesterday but it got eaten I suppose. Both Eric and I have the Britax Marathon which I quite like. I did nerdishly check our cars weird owners forums to see what people had to say about car seats and fitting in cars. I have a CRV and Eric has a SX4 and both fit the carseat nicely.

  5. we have britax marathons in my car (prius) fit great rear and forward facing. Anders double cab truck has saftey 1s alpha omega seat. We LOVE the britax, buckles are easy and dont twist easily and the recline to great in both rear and forward facing. it is the law that you have to keep them rear facing until age 1. it has to do with the development of the spine and being in an accident. she wil have more leg room rear facing in a convertible seat. yes, britax are more expensive, but i would buy them again hands down!!


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