Monday, January 21, 2013

nine months.

a very serious photo shoot. no smiles to be had.

9 months! You are turning into your very own human being. You're a little hodgepodge of your dad and I. You still blow us away...and it's sinking in more and more everyday that we are parents. It's glorious.

What you've been up to this past month...
  • Lots of babbling! We don't know what you're trying to tell us, but you're working very hard at it. All sorts of sounds are coming out...loud and soft. We are hoping to hear a mama or dada...but so far we think we hear "hi" with a wave and "woo" for dogs.
  • You do lots of walking, sometimes just with one hand for support, and some walking along the walls. Any day now we bet you'll be letting go...and probably running.
  • You wave at people...and dogs. Its precious. Dogs enamour you and so do other little humans. We wish you had some little friends, but with time I suppose...perhaps even a sibling would be fun.
  • You still don't sit still, its always a good time to explore in your world.
  • You eat normal big girl foods... fruits, rice, meat, tortillas, milk. We are phasing out of the baby foods. Super fun. You don't like us to feed you any more however. So lots of finger foods...and lots of baths after eating.
  • Sleeping is still great (thank you)...and no teeth as of yet.
  • Your skinny little long body fits in 12-18 month big girl clothes, you took the leap. So much fun to shop in the girl section now. I can also put a hair tie in your hair to keep your whispie bangs out of your eyes. Oh girly things. Too exciting.
  • You had your first christmas and new year. Some traditions were started in your little world, and it will only get better as the years pass.
  • You had a major road trip to California...which you were incredible! Car time, hotels, more than your fair share of ins and outs of the carseat, oh yeah and a massive blow-out that took your dad, me, and some chucking of clothes to render clean. It was a fun trip that we will do again.
  • You are our little sunshine, our little sweets. You make our world bright and wonderful. Our little nine month old cora elm, we love you.


  1. 9 months! How in the world did that happen :) I know what you mean when you say that you are feeling more and more like a parent. Sometimes I still have the feeling that I in someones elses spot and that the parents are going to take over at some point.ha! Thankfully they never do!

  2. She is getting so big! Cute little blondie!! Glad your trip went well :) wished we could have seen you time!


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