Wednesday, June 6, 2012

small feats...

[our boba with cora sporting her koala-ear beanie]

I just have to quickly mention that Cora and I made it to the grocery store... alone and successfully! I had her attached to me in our Boba carrier and I pushed the cart. This carrier is amazing, not only is it adorable.... but super helpful. (We have this one in "tweet"... so freaking cute, and it would work for a baby boy too- most of our bigger ticket items are gender neutral). Actually to be truthful, she hates it when I slide her into it. But, every day we go on an hour long walk with her in it, so she is used to it and falls right to sleep after her fussies diminish. Most people I see use a carseat in the cart when shopping- but our little cora has reflux, so normally that position is not comfy for her. I am still in awe that we made it to Winco for about an hour.... no crying! I don't know what my back-up plan would have been- leave the cart full of groceries and go home? Not sure on this one. When I came home to tell matt about our incredible adventure into the real world....he was impressed and replied that I was such a mom today- one of them multi-tasking moms. Awesome!


  1. Baby-carrying rocks! I have an Ergo, G loves it and we still use it all the time! Similar concept to the Boba =)


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