Sunday, June 17, 2012

first father's day

Today is matt's first father's day. We are barbecuing steaks and chillin outside. It should be a wonderful day. We will be enjoying our daughter that we made from scratch and what an incredible dad matt already is. He says that she is his new favorite person...his best friend, and I don't doubt it for a second. That big ol' hairy guy loves his teeny tiny daughter more than's beyond what I ever imagined possible.

So, this is a father's day photocard cora I made for matt... from my iphone photos. I put three photos in picframe (an app on the iphone) that puts them in cute little boxes, smushed together. I used to edit photos in adobe, but gosh...this little app is way easier and way quicker (is that a word?!). If we didn't have iphones, I swear we wouldn't have any photos of cora. It's just so handy. Anyways, I took the photos, put them in the app which creates a square picture just like instagram, and emailed it to myself. I added in the text, over the hop plants in adobe and I also wanted it to be a square I edited it to be 5"x5" then put 2" extra on the side of just plain white. I then uploaded it onto costco's website as a 5"x7" photo and ordered the print montage for $ one hour it was done! I then just cut off the white extra 2"...and ta-da.... DIY photo card!

And what the heck does the card mean?! So it's no big mystery, if you know matt... you know he loves beer. Well we have hops growing in our yard- pictured above. They are actually quite pretty plants. Matt talks about how he wants cora's first word to be hops- instead of pops, for dad. I think that's ridiculous... but he also has full control (ie. brain washing abilities) of her while I am at work, so we shall see. So a card with two of his loves... beer and cora... I figured I couldn't go wrong.

happy father's day matt....we love you

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  1. And I think she looks like her daddy too :)


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