Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 year wedding anniversary!

 It has been two years since we had our glorious wedding day. Want to reminisce with me?! Here is our old wedding blog. It was an incredible weekend filled with love, friendship, and lots of laughter- it was perfect, thanks to all of our friends and family. I would do it all over again...the party...our loved ones in town...rafting...idaho wilderness...the great food...but maybe leave out the stress of making a million decisions with hosting a wedding endeavor. Yes, that would be ideal- every year...a wedding reunion!

...flowers from the husband this morning... it has maybe been years since I have gotten flowers...they were even delivered to the house for when he knew I was at home hanging out with cora and he was sleeping- pretty sweet.
(we do "sleep shifts"... to be able to tend to cora round the clock. Ha! More on that later when I feel like we are turning a corner and can look back and just laugh about the sleep training nights)

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  1. Happy anniversary! Isn't funny how much can change in two years?! We will be celebrating our second anniversary too next month :) I hope Cora's reflux is getting better and that everyone is getting more sleep! Sleep training is hard, but you will be so thankful you did it. You and matt will get some alone time back, no more sleep shifts :) our boys now go to bed at 7pm, we get several hours to ourselves before going to bed ourselves.


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