Sunday, June 3, 2012

high contrast.

...cora learning about jellyfish from dad...umm adorable, this melts my heart...

You may know that infants love high contrast cards, books, and toys. In the beginning they can really only differentiate between black, white, and red, which helps to develop their vision. I don't really like black and white, and definitely not red, so in my pre-baby nursery planning...I chose to ignore this developmental step. Bad idea.... Cora loves black and white. Her nursery is rather soothing in a soft grey and white trim... with her white crib- she loves her spud room. This maybe because she doesn't actually sleep in her room...but regardless, it's her favorite room. But her walls were a little lacking.

I noticed in the first few weeks that she loved being read stories, but would loose interest (of course, she's brand new how long can her attention span be?!) Until, I ran out to barnes and noble and scoured the shelves for anything black and white. Surprisingly there wasn't much to choose from, but I found a few books that would do (like- Kitten's First Full Moon and this soft fun book-Where's My Bone). I then went online and ordered these-wee gallery art cards. I hung them up on the wall....and voila.... instant gratification...literally 10-15 minutes of pure amusement. Our little cora is so enthralled by these cards, it's amazing. She was very ready for some high contrast cards.... forget this green and turquoise room I put together for her- she wanted black and white only. Thankfully we have a few more sets of these rather spendy flash cards from her aunt... so we rotate the cards up on the wall so she learns about all sorts of animals.

I will be also making her a simple black and white book of her very own on shutterfly. I get coupons for free 8x8 books in the mail...well why not make a high contrast book?! Super fun. Somehow I have to find time to do that now, before she leaves this developmental stage.


  1. Making your own books sounds like a great idea. You also have me thinking we should start drawing up some animals and objects to print out on card stock for ourselves.

  2. oooo you always have such great ideas! I seriously had also kinda forgotten (ignored) the "black and white stage" of development and covered our ladies room with colour. I think I will purchase some of those cards because they are pretty darn adorable and honestly I have never seen anything cuter then your little lady looking at them with such interest!

  3. p.s. did you see the fun stuff on the wee gallery web site! They have a free printable sheep too! I love a cute sheep lol!

  4. You should play Michael Jackson's Black or White song for Cora. You could dance around while loking at the cute black and white cards. Sounds fun to me!


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