Friday, October 18, 2013

week 37

Wow, we are at the end of 37 weeks... and I feel it. Little oaks is cooking away, healthy and measuring at 40 weeks. He's a big dude (we think). Matt mentioned the other night that henry would for sure be taller than him when he's grown up. It just blew my mind. Our little man, being big and tall and strong. Hmm. Our son. Still CRAZY. But now I am in love with the idea of having a son, it feels right.

Pregnancy update:
Sleep blows. I can't sleep for longer than 2 hours and then I wake up in pain, contracting, and needing to pee, and sometimes eat cereal. What makes it even less desirable is I know right now is the "good sleep"....that soon we will be sleep deprived and I will wish I had slept more. Oh, also when I wake up each night, contracting, feeling sick to my stomach- like I did when my water broke with Cora, and think- this is it!! Let's go!! Like Christmas morning. But it's not, and I awkwardly climb back into bed to repeat again in 2 hours. So crazy to not know when we get to meet him. Anxiety issues? Oh, probably.

Little Oaks dropped in the past week, I can feel him riding lower like he might just fall out. This makes me happy.

I am trying to savor our last days with Cora as our only child. However, I think I will be a more present and engaged mom with this 50 lbs lifted off my body, being able to run, squat, multi-task like the old days.

Project update:
My projects are winding down and being completed. Henry Oak's room is almost 100% complete (yay!!) and our odds and ends around the house are coming together too. Lots of sewing projects in the past few weeks. I made a bunch of fitted sheets- crib, bassinet, and diaper changing table ones. They are adorable, and quite boy-ish. I am proud of myself for branching out from the turquoise, even though it was challenging.

Last things on the list... Cora's Halloween costume I am making- she is going to be an owl. And I still have a set of curtains to whip up for Cora's room. Project for Henry, project for Cora... it was only fair. Parents are supposed to be fair right? I guess I should stop telling Cora she is my favorite pretty soon.

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