Thursday, October 3, 2013

week 35

If it looks like I am holding up my belly, I am. It feels like it needs all the support I can give it.
And I am measuring 37 weeks today! Ha. Big ol' tot.

Well I am 35 weeks pregnant.....and it's October, which I already dedicated a whole post to this week. I usually love autumn for the pretty leaves, random snow falls, pumpkin spice lattes (or ummm everything pumpkin flavored), tasty food, cozy blankets and quite honestly wearing my uggs. But now we get to tack on the excitement of having a babe in the fall. Fun.

These weeks have been a little more drama, in our very not dramatic life. I have had some busy nights at work (I'm a nurse- 3 night shifts each weekend), and I realized that I hadn't felt little Henry moving this past weekend. Now being a nurse and a patient, is pretty undesirable. I know just enough to freak myself out- to know about all of the scary situations that a body can and can't endure. However, I also feel like I might overlook some symptoms...because come on, I'm not dying. I don't really need to go see the doctor, it will probably pass. So I was at work.... and mentally freaking myself out. Usually I feel Henry moving at night when I sit down. And I didn't. I put my feet up, drank water. Nothing. I called down to labor and delivery and asked... "hey.... so, I'm a nurse here...and I don't feel my baby what should I do?" My midwife happened to be in that late night and told me to just come on down and get monitored. I did... everything was fine. His little heart was fantastically healthy and beautiful to listen to for the 45 minutes of being monitored. They did see a bunch of contractions (which I have been feeling for the past 2 weeks). The nurse was surprised that I had so many, so often...and wondered how I was doing with them. I said fine, it's certainly not anywhere close to labor- labor is quite painful, these were just like punches to my gut. And these don't feel near low enough or productive. Just braxton hicks I suppose, except I have them all of the time irregularly regular. My midwife opted not to check to see if I was sense in stirring things up. And that was that, I got to return back to work, 35 weeks pregnant.

I managed to freak Matt out, being that he was at home, having to wait through my text messages in anticipation. I looked around in the triage L&D room.... this was all so real. Soon we would be delivering another babe here. Crazy. When will it be? Will my water break first? How quick will labor go? What will he look like? A million questions now flood through my head. But I am glad it wasn't that night, but it is right around the corner. Perhaps sooner than later. My appointments with my midwife have also turned into weekly ones. It feels excessive, until I get a scare like...he's not kicking! Then I feel good that I get to go in and hear his sweet heartbeat.

So now, we have kicked into high gear. Projects must get done. In two weeks I am considered full term, and I am currently measuring full term, for what its worth. Shelves are going up, spray paint is flying, sewing like crazy, pom poms galore. I'm sure Henry will appreciate all of this hard work, including the 32 screws that I just had to prime, spray paint pumpkin-orange, and clear coat. Yea, that's for sure important to him.

I turn 30 this that's... something. I have felt like I was "30" for awhile, whatever that means. So no big shock, it just feels right. Matt also turns 31 in a few weeks, so perhaps we will have another little birthday close by. Oh and Cora will be 18 months old on Matt's birthday too, big milestone! Our tiny spud is growing up.

Busy time here in our world.


  1. ohhh my gosh your belly is BEAUTIFUL! maybe henry will be early... and fall is a wonderful time to be born :) also- i'm not blogging much these days... but i am almost 10 weeks pregnant! Just wanted to let you know as you have had kind words to share over the past couple of years :)

    1. ahhhh!!! you're pregnant!!! congrats! we are so excited for you (matt is too). I was hoping this would happen for you guys, you're almost through the first'll get your energy back really soon!! And then you could have tons to blog about, I am sure and I look forward to hearing about it- if you do choose to share. yay!!! Thanks for telling me!! Enjoy your pregnancy, first kicks will be amazing.

    2. :) i can't even imagine first kicks!!!!!!! we heard the heart beat and that was just breathtaking! thanks for your joy!!!

  2. Looking good my friend! I am so glad your scare was no big deal, I know oh too well how scary it can be to have your baby early. Weird to think my boys were coming home from the NICU at 35 weeks and your little one is still safe inside your belly :) Wouldn't be exciting if little Henry was born on Matt's birthday?! What an exciting time for your family :) oh and happy 30th birthday :)

    1. That is too crazy... premies. wow. What a toll that would take on you. My girlfriend is a NICU nurse. So challenging. I'm so happy your boys did so well though, and they are huge and thriving and excelling... and adorable. amazing. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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