Tuesday, October 22, 2013

first day of maternity leave...

not too shabby, me and tiny matt enjoying some finding nemo

Yes, I am officially on maternity leave, but no... no new little babe to speak of yet. The other night at work I was feeling a bit more on the patient side of things, instead of being the nurse. So I decided, it was time. I was contracting a TON...so much so that I thought I was going into labor- I was stoked. I went home around 2am... and everything died down and I had one of the best nights of sleep ever. I woke up at 7am...well shit. I guess I didn't have a baby after all. So I have been enjoying Cora, keeping the house clean and really doing much of nothing. All of my projects are done and baby shopping is done. Anytime I try to do something rigorous (ok...just a normal activity like grocery shopping) I end up contracting a ton and needing to sit down. So I guess maternity leave was due.  So me, tiny matt and regular sized matt are living it up, 38 weeks pregnant... just waiting for tater tot to show up and join the party.


  1. Our boys love finding nemo too!! Enjoy your time. Can't wait to hear your little guy has arrived :)

  2. oooo so close! Can't wait to see his sweet face!


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