Saturday, November 2, 2013

halloween 2013.

I am quite proud to say we pulled off Halloween this year. Henry was born just two days I wasn't sure if we could do it. Cora was an owl, which I made her costume thanks to some pinterest inspiration. She was adorable. She knew how to knock on the doors (well, three to be exact- grandparents, auntie, and a friend's house), say "whoo whoo" and said "tree" for trick or treat and would exchange one candy from her bucket for a new one. Freaking adorable. Anyways, it was a success. Baby steps on this whole parenting thing with two kids.

This was also our first outing as a family... all cora wanted to do was hold henry's hand in the back seat. Pretty sweet.
This is henry's first he was a panda, courtesy of a cute hooded towel. We will do better next time for your costume little oaks...more time, more planning.

2012 cora was a sack of spuds
2011 an xray baby in utero.

Oh, and check out this graveyard cake I made for Matt's work party. Cute right?! Tiny candy rocks? Fun. I finished this the morning I went into labor and dropped it off on our way to the hospital. I put time into this cake... had to be enjoyed.

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