Friday, November 15, 2013

...2 weeks later.

Well it has been a whirlwind these past two weeks. Our little Henry is 2 weeks old and growing beautifully. He has been a great little newborn- much easier than Cora was, or perhaps we are more relaxed and less stressed out. But he is wonderful. Multitasking has been more of the issue. How to manage two kids under two... one being super mobile and one being almost zero. I just wish I had a few more sets of hands. Matt is back at school and work so I get to wrangle the kids all day long. It's a challenge, but I know each week will have its own set of struggles with them both growing and adapting to our life. These stages are fleeting, we know that now. So we are trying to savor these times, the good and sleepy times.

I read over my post last time at two weeks post-spud-birth [here], impressive... what a challenge she was, and our life had dramatically changed from just Matt and parenthood. This time it wasn't so shocking, we were just grateful to have a healthy babe to add into our family. We have been so thankful that he doesn't scream at us for hours upon hours- that he sleeps for 1-3 hour stretches, lying flat (cora had silent reflux and probably colic). He also breastfeeds like a champ. I am so proud of him being such a good newborn.

I feel amazing, the delivery was quick and recovery has been quite simple. Thank goodness! I was expecting what we all went through last time, and it just wasn't the case. This time it was smooth and wonderful. (Birth story to come shortly!) I forgot how bogged down pregnancy made me feel- so now I feel fully capable and ready to tackle this mom thing in a brand new way. Don't get me wrong we are still in survival mode... we are just a little more calm at this 2 week marker.


  1. congrats mommy! sounds like you all are doing amazing. i miss that newborn stage.... so glad he is a happy, healthy and relaxed baby for you :) hope Cora is adapting well. i can only imagine it must be a transition for all of you.

  2. Wow! He is adorable! Is Cora in love with him? Hope she is! You look great for two weeks post baby! I hope I look that good two weeks after my baby comes (June!) Congrats!
    Nicole Evans

  3. LOVE it! That's how I felt when I had Jack - almost easy peasy! So glad for you :-)

    i'm going to start blogging again. I couldn't stay away.


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