Wednesday, December 19, 2012

so sad.

I have been struggling whether or not to post this... because I have been trying to avoid the thoughts, the news, facebook...but I have been so sad by the awful school shooting. What is the world coming to? Why do kids ever have to die? I hope I never ever have to go through that pain of loosing my child. Never ever. NEVER EVER. And to make things worse this past week every one of my patients has had the news on I have to hold back (sometimes not successfully) tears each and every time I enter all of my patients rooms. My heart hurts when I think of what happened. So I decided that perhaps it would be grand if not a single kid died ... like ever. So next year on the news around this time they can report... hey look at you shnazzy america...our kid-mortality rate was zero! Way to go america, then I can be proud to be an american. But alas, I went into work and a kid was killed way too young again, in Boise. Damnit.

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