Thursday, December 20, 2012

eight months.

our little 8 month nose-scruncher

Wow. Time flies when you're having a good time (we know this because the first two months felt like a year). Eight months how did that happen?!

I am memorizing her sweet little 17lb self, resting on my body, climbing all over my legs, using my shirt to grab onto when she stands up, her little fingers grasping for my hands to help her "walk" to bridge the gap to the next piece of furniture in the room. I LOVE HER. Seriously, with every cell in my body, she makes us so happy. Do you know what we do at night, when she heads to bed...we scroll through photos of her, we miss her. Sappy. I know. We can't contain it.  She is exhaustingly unbelievably amazing.

What you've been up to this past 7 going on 8 months....
  • nose scrunching! it's your favorite. you scrunch at everything. sometimes you include a little sniffing noise. maybe you just think everything in your world is gross and stinky...but its adorable.
  • you like to share! You share your toys, for us to gnaw on them (so sweet to think of us)... or share your food with us or the dogs. The dogs aren't so good at sharing however.
  • you walk along furniture and can sit down when you're done walking. stand-sit-stand-sit... all day long... never gets old.
  • you crawl quickly or run around in your walker to follow us around the house. you have backing up and turning around down to a T, its like you're maneuvering a tiny car- arm across the back of the seat to see where you're going. When you hit something you look over the side of the tray to see just what exactly is holding you up. so cute.
  • you love outlets, cords, cardboard, paper, trash... pretty much anything you're not supposed to play are magically drawn to it and must put it in your mouth. 
  • you like to eat our food... meat, baby cookies, bread, veggies. You drink milk and water from our glasses. We are considering transitioning to bite size food so that you can feed yourself. You are snacking so well on your little kid puffs and cookies, perhaps it's time to progress.
  • second nap is a struggle, sometimes you win... sometimes we do- even though it doesn't feel like winning when you cry and cry your little head off.
  • your little blonde whispies are getting longer now and thick! We use sweet little bows and headbands to keep your bangs out of your eyes. So far you tolerate it...and you even look like a girl!

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  1. It's a little said how fast it all seems to go! And don't feel lame we watch pictures and videos of the boys when they are in bed!!! I love her little nose scrunch, so cute! And at 16 1/2 (14) months the boys still are drawn to everything they shouldn't touch and want to put it in their mouth. However, now if I say what do you have?! They will take it out of their mouth and hand it to me with a smile or giggle. So fun, it just gets better and better you are entering and stage that is the most fun, toddler! A true little person :)


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