Friday, October 10, 2014

eleven months

Oh hi there world. This is Henry now... crazy right? What 5 months since blogging monthly will do. So Henry, you're 11 months old...almost a whole year. This past month I have just been trying to soak it in of how much our world has changed since a year ago. Truly unbelievable.

What you've been up to this past month:

  • You can walk!! Right before you turned 11 months, you started walking. It made me so happy. I came home from work one early saturday morning and did the usual- ok henry...walk to me! and you did. You did it over and over again. You still won't take huge walking spurts where there isn't someone to catch you, but we love this milestone.
  • Bedtime is still at 630pm every night, and wake up about 6am/7am. We have been trying this new idea to give you a bottle and change your diaper in the morning and hope for some more sleep- closer to when your sister needs to wake up at 8. Its about 50/50 right now. Otherwise high pitch excited screaming to get up out of bed. We are lucky that you are a good sleeper.
  • You are starting to really play with your sister. You two are best friends, I can see it more and more everyday. (you also are each others only friends, but that's beside the point) You do this hilarious crashing on cora's twin floor mattress- she copies you, crashing and laughing over and over. 
  • Every once in awhile we try to take you out to a restaurant. a family restaurant. It usually is a little more stress than its worth, but we will keep on trying. you have a hard time sitting still, just like cora- surprise surprise. We've got some active babes on our hands. 
  • You have little stroller-walk-friends, a handful of other babes that were born around the same time as you from my work friends. I enjoy the company, you love walks so that is awesome. and one day you will really be able to play with these fun little people- I cant wait to be drinking my coffee- sitting back at the park watching you and Cora and friends just play without my physical support- only emotional cheering for going down the slide, swinging high, and finally being able to reach those monkey bars.
  • You are overall a happy guy, you are quick to smile at us with your sweet little toothy smile. You love to be held, and kissed, and to laugh at us being silly. I appreciate this about you, trying to savor this baby time and I enjoy that you love me so.
  • You are quite good in the store- in the boba carrier or in the cart. You dislike the car- just get antsy after a short while. Cora tries to talk to you in your language "dada dada dada! mama! " or she says "hand, henry!" and you reach over and you two hold hands with the biggest smiles on your faces. I almost pull the car over and start crying, you two are so sweet and so little.
  • We love you Henry, our little Oaks. This is your last month as a babe... then on to toddler world.

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