Sunday, September 28, 2014


Life is beyond busy. If you would have told me a year ago that having one child was easy... I would have laughed, or cried... or both within the same couple of minutes because I was super pregnant a year ago. Life with two tiny kids is much more busy than life with one. But we survive and we enjoy it. 

But right now I am trying to figure out how to "recharge" how to revive myself in the most efficient way possible. Quite frankly I don't feel like I have enough time in the day to spend anything frivously...or selfishly. I give 100% to each of my kids, then the laundry, and vaccuming, and cooking, and shopping and almost rarely to dishes (sorry Matt). 

My kids are utterly fullfilling, I do enjoy every second with them, regardless of how exhausted I am. But I feel like I need to recharge and take some time to reflect so that I am more present with them, that I can fully understand how incredible life is. At the end of the day when Matt and I finally sit- I just think for a brief second... holy shit, we have two kids? How did that happen? Then we jump into cleaning, showering, cooking, sleeping and start the whole cycle again. What can recharge me? So I am actively trying out new ideas. I have about 0.5-1 hr of overlap in my sweet napping babes 4 days a week. I want to cry just thinking about this. How did we go from having 100% selfish married life to four 1/2hrs of free time weekly? Fuck. Anyways, I'm digressing. I am also not fully truthful.I work three days a week-pure work/sleep. Then four days a week we have nighttimes- Henry to bed at 6:30, Cora 7:30- so 7:30-11pm we have Matt & me time. So add on another 3.5 hours four days a week. That's it for my time with my spouse? Damn it. 

 Ok, lets be more productive.Some ideas: 
- dishes. I thought if I cleaned the kitchen and did dishes during collective nap time I'd feel refreshed, and have a clean house to enjoy and recharge. WRONG. This proved to be exhausting and only moderatly satisfying. Not recharged when henry started screaming from his nap. 
- gym. Well, I cancelled my gym membership because I was too stressed out paying for a gym that I never used. I can't honestly figure out how to budget in gym time. So I will just keep this post-baby weight for now. 
 - nap. Perhaps I should nap also. Well, a little 30 minute nap proved not to be restful at all. shocking. 
- crafting/sewing. I have some projects I want to do...I need to try this. I think I might be pleased, but I have to craft fast then clean up faster before my everything-in-the-mouth-hank gets up. This has inhibited me from even starting. I will get past this. 
- blogging. I'm doing this now... I feel great, but I also feel sad to realize that I have no free time. But I think this may work. I am a bit overwhelmed at how much I have to "catch up" on, having not blogged or taken any really nice photos of my kids with my fancy camera. But...I should forgive myself and move on. 
- date night. Matt and I need to carve out some date nights, like monthly. I always feel like I can't justify date nights, because we really are lucky that we have good kiddo sleepers. But we should do this, get us out of the house- force us to have adult coversation, even if we only talk about our kids. 
- family outtings. So like this picture at the top... family bike ride out to pizza. SO FUN. Sure henry may have been screaming for some minutes in there, but it was a blast, it felt like a huge accomplishment, and it was fun. It was a little glimpse of our old life mixed with a few new kiddos. We need to plan more little trips, vacations, out to dinner- venturing out of our safe routine-ridden house.

How do you recharge?! Have any suggestions??


  1. The YMCA usually has child watch...sure, it's not cheap for a family membership and child watch, but it's kind of a win-win. The kiddos get to play with other kids and you can do an hour workout or class (or hide in your car and take a nap?). Afterwards, you can take one or the other of the kids in the pool for half an hour while the other stays in child watch. Plus they offer swim lessons, etc, that the kiddos can take advantage of! :) good luck!

  2. Oh friend. You make such sense. Why is there not enough time? Sometimes I'm at a loss as to when the last time I actually had a moment to just be with Brian. Or just be with myself for that matter. I'm quickly tiring of cleaning during nap time, cleaning at all really... I DID join the gym... I DON'T want to go... But I rather feel like I'd maybe have more energy if I dropped the baby weight? I don't know- I think all moms must feel similar. We're all just truckin along lovin our babes and being exhausted in the process! ;)


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