Tuesday, December 31, 2013

two months

Our little tater tot is two months old and he is already looking like a big boy. I believe we are on the way up from here. I look forward to what this next month will bring us all (ie. sleep.)
What you've been up to this month:
  • I believe your favorite time of day is the morning. you like to hear us say "good morning!" and "oh, you look so good!"...because you smile and coo at us. You especially love your dad. When you find his face in the morning you have a huge grin.
  • now don't be fooled, we don't actually wake you up in the morning...you very much wake us up throughout the night and morning. you have a loud, angry cry that means you want to be fed, changed, burped and held. But at least you do go back to your bed to sleep another 3-5 hour stretch (finally!)
  • reluctantly we switched you from breast milk to formula at the end of this month. I think you are probably doing better, less gas, more sleep- or perhaps you are just growing up.
  • you love bath time, but despise being dried off after. your sister loves taking a bath with you. she won't leave your side and helps with cleaning your hair and feet. I can't wait to see you both play together!!
  • you now love diaper changes. so silly. you like to be kissed on your belly and toes...and smile with delight for a new clean diaper to be put on.
  • your hair is still red, but may be lightening, and your eyes have a blue-ish-gray hue. we think your legs just grew longer....and you look like a hefty dude. We love it.
  • we are still tired from lack of sleep, and feel that you just might be a colic-y baby....crying probably more than you should. I guess we just make unhappy babies. But we know that you will grow out of it soon, maybe this month?! ...Please.

Monday, December 30, 2013

other responsibilities.

I noticed our poor plant today. Yikes! I guess life is busy with kids. Sorry plant (and others).

Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas card & tree

please don't mind the creepy 'stache... it was movember, unfortunately for the family photo.

So now that its officially after Christmas... how about an update? We did manage to take a Christmas photo... with all of us...minus the dogs...and well minus henry's screaming but adorable face. We did it....while cutting down a Christmas tree! And I even mailed them off. Yay! How do families do this with 2+ kids... I thought we were stretched thin with one kiddo. Yikes. When I see a mom out and about with a couple kids (all dressed), and the mom even looks like she had a shower...I am in awe. I feel like asking her how she does it, what's the trick? But if someone would dare hold me up while successfully shopping with kids, I'd kill them.

Let me reminisce a little at the past years...

which wasn't actually a card... somehow I was too busy?...and yet kid-less...blows my mind.
which is actually the same spot as this year's photo!

Oh yeah, so we cut down a Christmas tree a month ago too! We tromped through the snow, crossed a river (ok, maybe more a like a stream) and went through the woods to find some grand trees. It was actually on Thanksgiving. My sister and her fiancé and adorable puppies joined in on our tree-cutting tradition in Idaho. Totally a blast.

my little loves

the trees!

this little girl could eat snow all day long, and she has a friend who enjoys snow also.

 little kid and puppies? nothing cuter.

Monday, December 2, 2013

one month: tater tot

so serious little oaks.

Oh, henry... you're one month old! Time has just flown by. We try to put these difficult newborn hours in perspective...that it is only a phase that you will soon grow out of it. And we were right. You are growing right out of it. Now, you're more like a baby. Our little baby.

What you were up to this first month:
  • you have been great at breastfeeding from the first hour you were born... way to go hank!!
  • you were quite a peaceful baby during the first two weeks, sleeping a lot. We thought there must have been something wrong with you... but you were just normal. eat-sleep. eat-sleep.
  • from about 2 weeks on your "fussies" have ramped up. you sleep well for an infant, but then scream with gut pain/gas which makes us sad.
  • now you have about 1-3 hour stretches of naps at all hours of the day/night. you take about an hour to change your diaper, feed, and walk/burp/jiggle the gas out of you until you stop wailing. so we are exhausted...and ready for you to turn brief naps into some solid sleeping hours.
  • you enjoy bath time, hate diaper changes and love to be walked around in our arms.
  • you have quite red hair, and still those gray eyes. I think they are turning blue, your dad thinks they will be green. and your feet crack me up, they are exactly your dad's feet...but tiny and so sweet.
  • eesh! you are 12 pounds at 4 weeks (about a 4 lb weight gain)!! you are almost fitting into 3 month clothes, we think you may have some football in your future...yikes.
  • your sister loves the heck out of you, just like the rest of us. she wants to hold your hand, when you cry she walks around searching for your pacifier to give to you, she kisses you and lovingly touches your head, she likes to feed you with a bottle and when you are in my arms she will hop onto the couch and point to her lap and say be-be! be-be! reee?! (henry)... until I hand you over. she is only 19 months old but already you are her little brother and she is definitely your big sister.
  • you have fit quite nicely into our family, we love you dearly little son.
* Oh, and this lovely quilt is made by his grandma. Each month I will take photos on this quilt of him as he grows. We did the same thing with Cora (spud months). So much fun. Thanks grandma!