Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas card & tree

please don't mind the creepy 'stache... it was movember, unfortunately for the family photo.

So now that its officially after Christmas... how about an update? We did manage to take a Christmas photo... with all of us...minus the dogs...and well minus henry's screaming but adorable face. We did it....while cutting down a Christmas tree! And I even mailed them off. Yay! How do families do this with 2+ kids... I thought we were stretched thin with one kiddo. Yikes. When I see a mom out and about with a couple kids (all dressed), and the mom even looks like she had a shower...I am in awe. I feel like asking her how she does it, what's the trick? But if someone would dare hold me up while successfully shopping with kids, I'd kill them.

Let me reminisce a little at the past years...

which wasn't actually a card... somehow I was too busy?...and yet kid-less...blows my mind.
which is actually the same spot as this year's photo!

Oh yeah, so we cut down a Christmas tree a month ago too! We tromped through the snow, crossed a river (ok, maybe more a like a stream) and went through the woods to find some grand trees. It was actually on Thanksgiving. My sister and her fiancé and adorable puppies joined in on our tree-cutting tradition in Idaho. Totally a blast.

my little loves

the trees!

this little girl could eat snow all day long, and she has a friend who enjoys snow also.

 little kid and puppies? nothing cuter.


  1. you look great and have an adorable family. Don't feel bad, the boys are almost 2.5 and I finally feel like I can truly manage them and myself with success! Until now I have just been faking it lol! I think it is also helpful that they are at an age were they can kind of manage themselves, we are down to one nap a day (so much easier) your life doesn't revolve around running back home to get them in bed so you don't miss your few moments of quiet time. They love to help so I give them jobs while we are out shopping. Looking for items on our list. Letting them hold something special. I am here to tell you it gets easier and you are doing awesome! As long as they are happy and healthy the rest is just icing on the cake :)

    1. Thanks Erin! I love your honesty. I think that now when I am attempting to go to the store, etc... I'm faking it, and sometimes it works and even fools me. 2.5 sounds like a great age, and your boys are adorable little dudes. I never even thought about the inconvenience of two naps- you are totally right. I can't wait for henry to be on cora's one nap a day schedule. I am trying my darnedest to at least have one of his many naps line up to have me-time ( ie. dishes, laundry, vac) It will get easier. I tell myself that sometimes hourly ;)


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