Tuesday, August 20, 2013

week 29

29 weeks, that's right... it's been 5 weeks since I took a bump photo. But who is counting? Not I apparently.
Pregnancy wise:
Everything is great! I passed my glucose tolerance test- yay no gestational diabetes! I don't know how I could survive on a diet with these hormones. I hit the 200 lb mark, and exceeded it. That's always exciting. I hit it about at this week of pregnancy last time too. But he is growing, it makes me happy. Lots of restless nights- peeing, flopping over in bed, eating cereal. Silly stuff. Tater tot is moving a ton, I love it.
Life wise:
I had my first weekend away from Cora, it was sad and wonderfully relaxing at the exact same time. I haven't been so relaxed in 16 months?! I had a bachelorette weekend in California with some girlfriends, and then saw my parents too. There was some beach time, tasty foods, and girl time. I was also able to talk with my parents and just talk like grown ups, not be interrupted...like the old times. However, let's be honest... we really primarily talked about Cora. Cora was just fine without me- she had grandma, grandpa, and dad to keep her busy and happy. She really doesn't do separation anxiety anyways. She's a happy camper. I missed her like hell...but it was a good break and realization that I just love being with her, I love our life.
Cora and I went alone to a wedding this past weekend. Lovely wedding, not so easy being utterly pregnant in the summer chasing Cora- same old story on here. Matt wasn't there to help- he was in a friends wedding a state away, but we survived. I couldn't do a baby carrier- I love my boba carrier, but the belly hurts when cora sits in it now, and so we did the bob jogger. She was squirmy, nap-less, and as it turns out there is a lot of sitting still moments during a wedding/reception. We weren't that successful, but I'm proud of us.
Baby wise:
I think we are ready for this babe. I am getting ready to start tackling the tater-tot room in a boy-scheme. I think Matt and I decided on a baby name. We are still tossing it around to be sure for sure. I am just a super planner, I like to know our babe's sex and name before delivery. It helps me.

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