Monday, August 27, 2012

four months

This past month has been a blast. I can finally say that when people ask me about motherhood, parenthood, having a baby... I say positive things first, instead of the negative ones. Horrible, right?! It is. But it's also true (sorry, Cora). When Matt and I think of cora and it brings a genuine smile to our faces. Our hearts, lungs, whole body ache when we are not around her. I sometimes feel like an elephant is crushing my chest- I know, classic symptom of a heart attack.... but I think it's just extreme love. We want to enjoy every second of this baby... our very own baby... and just immerse ourselves in it. This is wonderful.
What you've been up to this past month, our dear cora elm...
  • you like to put everything in your mouth and chew. No more sucking on pacifiers, just chewing (gumming) on all things.
  • you also usually have your hand in your mouth- anywhere from 3-4 fingers at a time. Sometimes you suck on your thumb, but your other fingers stab your eye. You are working on curling your fingers...but it's not quite mastered yet.
  • you flipped over from back to belly all by yourself! You do it all the time now, it cracks us up. You gather enough teeny tiny momentum and right over you go.
  • your giggle is precious... you don't do it very often but when you do it melts our hearts
  • you are a big girl riding in your BOB stroller, no more infant carseat for you- you love walks now being able to see the world
  • you are so alert, always watching and learning with your big blue eyes.
  • your dad works with you daily on "work outs"... like sitting up, rolling over, standing, laughing, crawling. The baby basics.
  • and most sleep in your crib for 8-10 hours at night!!! AMAZING!!! We attribute this to you getting rice cereal at night (but don't tell the pediatrician). We have a nightly routine- rice cereal, bath time, swaddle, and bottle. It works like a charm so far.
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  1. She is getting big so fast. It is incredible to watch. And the negative comments for me are getting fewer and fewer.

  2. She is adorable. I am so glad things are getting better and I dream of the day when I can give our little one rice cereal...

  3. She is so cute and getting so big! So glad to hear that all are getting a full night sleep. Everyone is happier that way :)

  4. Such a sweet girl! I'm glad to hear things are going so well for you all and that you are getting a magical amount of sleep.


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