Tuesday, August 7, 2012

baby carriers galore.

[ha, I just realized I have been putting cora's arms in the wrong place...whoops!]

I think I should mention here that we have way too many carriers for our babe. It's rather silly. Does she like all of them?! Nope. Do I like all of them...not really. But, we still have 4 of them- regardless of my attempt to be a minimalistic-mom. I think we *might* have been happiest with the ergo... but gosh, it was so expensive I tried to do without. And now if you add up my totals from the four listed below, it would have been more cost efficient. Oh, being a new mom is tricky.

1. the boba [here] This carrier is hands down the most adorable one I've ever seen... Cora protests getting into it, but usually falls asleep once we start walking. It was about $75, from ecomom.com- cheapest I've found it for sale. The downside, which led me to purchase #2, is that she can't face outwards in it. Big bummer.

2. the infantino [here] This was super cheap at Babys R Us...$21.00..amazing! It's comfy, simple,  and lets Cora sit outwards...the picture of us above. She could also sit facing towards me- but she loves observing this world- so outwards is her happiest right now. I am able to get things done around the house while she just contently watches.

3. the moby [here] This one our pediatrician recommended, to help Cora in her early weeks. She was and still is a fussy baby. His thought was to help her feel more like she was still in the womb. She hated it, I don't care for how tricky/time consuming it is to wrap. Cora doesn't like feeling confined, but likes to be close to us- so not a winner for this babe. Maybe the next baby will like it more. It was about $40 at target.

4. the sling [here] This one we have yet to use. It's super cute and simple. Also about $75. However, I have a large (the biggest size) and only recently does it actually fit me. I was too big post-pregnancy. I also had some worries about her suffocating in it if used improperly. But now that she is bigger I am looking forward to her sitting it with her upper body out. I think it will be that extra support for when she likes to sit on my hip.


  1. I have an Ergo Sport...like you, I tried to buy everything else out there before shelling out the money. Now it's the only thing we use, and I have had to sell everything else on Ebay, lol. We couldn't use it well until he was about 9 months old, but ever since it has been a lifesaver. It is so easy to put on and get him into, all the weight is on my hips, not my shoulders, and evenly distributed...oh just read the reviews! Extremely worth it!

  2. Also, your hair is adorable in your picture in this post!

  3. Carriers is really good to have. It can get your baby closer to you. Just good for their protection because you them with wherever.

  4. very cute baby carriers! I think I like #4 the best :)


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