Saturday, March 3, 2012

[week 33]

Ahhh... week 33.  This week (actually right this second) matt and I are in a lamaze class. Lets all hope I am gaining the courage to do this naturally. As you all may know I have been on a Labor and Delivery Unit doing my last clinical rotation as a nursing student. Let me tell you this has been unbelievable and eye opening. I have been doing two night shifts a week, and I feel like a real nurse... it's phenomenal.

A few things I have learned from fellow pregnant ladies aka-my laboring patients-

  • birthing is tough. there is no way around it. baby must come out.
  • an epidural looks like a dream, I was hoping this wouldn't be the case...but come on. Its crazy to think you elect to have a baby naturally... all of the pain. Women are amazing.
  • knowing how to read fetal monitoring/contractions will freak the hell of me when I deliver. 
  • I now know too much to be clueless 
  • when baby doesn't line up perfectly it makes delivering about 500 times worse, as though that even possible.
  • screaming women have every right to be in pain...they are giving birth to a child. Nothing compares. 
  • C-sections look like an easier route, but just don't look behind the blue curtain. It's a massive abdominal surgery that you're awake for. It's no wonder these ladies are sore afterwards.
  • Vacuum assisted babies are sometimes a necessary means to an end. All the goofy swelling goes down within 24 hours and they have infant beanies for a reason.
  • some women are so pleasant during contractions to their husbands, it's unbelievable... I just hope I am one of them.
  • IVs, fetal monitoring, oxygen- they all have a purpose when shit hits the fan.
  • A 9 pound baby is HUGE...actually quite a difference from a 6 pounder. I was 11 pounds when I was born, and I believe my sister was too... al' natural. HOLY COW. Go mom.
  • A baby being born is phenomenal. Period. Taking its first breath of fresh air... welcomed into the world. I love it. I'm hooked. I can't wait for my turn.
My walk away message from my clinical so far-

I want a healthy baby. That's my birthing plan. Whatever is necessary I will trust my midwife/nurse/OB/anesthetist to do what they feel is safe. 


  1. You have such a wonderful attitude. Your clinicals have certainly prepped you well. : )


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